2023 review of the Uniting Foundation: Summary in numbers and facts

The year 2023 has come to an end, and it is time to take a brief moment to appreciate the opportunities, achievements, collaborations, and moments of contentment that the previous 12 months have provided.

▪ The number of customers in our Uniting Care social center has grown from several dozen in 2022 to 115 in 2023.

▪️ Our social center staff has dedicated 8800 hours to caring for seniors, which is equal to a full 365 days.

▪️ This year, the Foundation has provided nearly 4 thousand food care packages to the socially vulnerable, which is over 10 packages each day all year round.

▪️ Each month, each of our customers has been provided with personal care and medical items, we have provided special transportation, appointments with dentists and other professionals.

▪️ During the year, we have also taken care of the seniors’ homes by purchasing new blankets and home appliances, done safety and improvement renovations in bathrooms and other work to help our customers maintain independence longer and spend more time in their beloved and cozy homes.

▪️ We have also continued to support young talents on their road to growth and development by investing in publishing books and creating exhibitions and provided access to culture for various social groups by handing out 330 tickets to concerts and other events free of charge.

▪️ A cornerstone of the Foundation’s activities has always been the preservation of historical heritage. This year, needed work was done on the memorial on Gogoļa Street, and the monument for Žanis Lipke has been transformed and supplemented with names of saviors. Improvement work has been done at the New Jewish Cemetery in Šmerlis.

▪️ With appreciation of the contributions of researchers, institutes, and organizations in the study of Jewish history and personal stories, we are glad to have had the opportunity to support the digitalization and public accessibility of this information. The Foundation has supported the establishment of 3 digital databases, www.ebrejumuzejs.lv, www.names.lu.lv, and www.smerli.lv (the new website is not available to the public yet).

▪️ Another important project at the beginning of the year was rebranding the Foundation with a new name and logo. The Foundation’s website www.uniting.lv has gained a new visual image and updated content.

This is only a brief insight into what the Uniting Foundation has achieved this past year. If you wish to support the projects and good deeds of the next year, you are welcome do make a donation via the convenient tool on our website:

Each euro will help those who cannot care for themselves at the moment!

We thank you for your support throughout 2023! See you in the year 2024!

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