The Uniting Foundation continues collaboration with Hospiss LV; donation made to purchase 10 care beds

This spring, the Uniting Foundation continues its collaboration with the palliative care organization Hospiss LV and has made a donation for the purchase of 10 care beds from the manufacturer Elbur.

The purpose of hospice care is supporting patients in their final stage of life and provide the best possible quality of life in a period often related to physical pain and mental suffering. Hospice care prioritizes the patient’s dignity and supporting loved ones. A care bed is needed in order to relieve the patient as much as possible at end of their life – reducing suffering, improving hygienic care, as well as relieving the overall care process.

“We are deeply grateful to our friends, the Uniting Foundation, for the donation of 10 functional beds. This special bed is a crucial need in caring for an immobile patient, as it brings ease to everyday life and provides the patient with comfort. We can only provide a dignified end of life to people in Latvia if we work together. This spring, we are glad and grateful for this act of support,” says Ilze Zosule, co-founder of Hospiss LV.

A functional care bed not only makes the routine easier for the patient, it also greatly reduces the physical effort needed by the caregiver or loved one by ensuring easy and convenient care for the patient. The bed is equipped with several essential features – these Elbur beds have adjustable back and leg sections, adjustable bed height, as well as other important features. The selected care beds are lightweight and easy to collapse, so they are easy to transport even in a regular car.

“Hospiss LV have achieved a paradigm shift in our society’s view of palliative care. Thanks to their efforts, an interdisciplinary team is now funded by the state to ensure healthcare and hospice care, along with psychological support to palliative patients. Despite this established system, there are some situations where help is needed immediately, however, decisions on state-funded care take time. The foundation Hospiss LV try to help such patients who are in the middle of filing procedures. We, the Uniting Foundation, believe that patients in this state should not have to wait and should receive necessary support as soon as possible. The care beds will help with that, as they will be readily available to patients,” says Executive Director of the Uniting Foundation Elīna Škļara. “We are grateful to Hospiss LV for the work they are doing, and we are pleased that our contribution can help in caring for palliative patients. These are values that we share: each person’s well-being and respect towards their needs.”

The average life expectancy of hospice patients is 21 days, with 65% of patients surviving less than a week. The goal of Hospiss LV is shining a light upon the importance of palliative care services to ensure the patients’ final days are spent pleasantly and under the care of professional staff.

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